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Astoria is a company
that belongs to the RYOMA GROUP.

Slow Espresso Experience

An unremitting concern for detail.This idea is  the core of our essence, of our commitment. We consider ourselves to be ambassadors of of a state-of- the art philosophy based on sustainable innovation, energy saving, waste reduction, water care and responsibility towards barmen and customers.

This is everything the SLOW ESPRESSO EXPERIENCE is about, a journey strewn with dedication and respect, which has led us to be leaders in technology.

A vision combining the sensory experience of coffee tasting with sustainability, concern for biodiversity with the utmost care for water, an essential element for an excellent cup of coffee.

The SLOW ESPRESSO EXPERIENCE of ASTORIA is based on transparency regarding productivity, and knowledge and promotion of a superior coffee, through high profile associations.

To us, loyalty to the best ITALIAN ESPRESSO is more than a constant commitment: it is our life philosophy.

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